Can over-communication damage a relationship

Over-communication is the tendency to talk too much and say too little. Over-communication can be good for relationships but can also damage them. 

Here’s what you need to know about how over-communication happens, why it happens, and how to avoid it in relationships. Be it with someone you are involved with, family, friends, or Perth escorts, and you may have to speak less and drive in more meaningful conversations to prevent too much communication. 

What Is Over-Communication?

Over-communication is when you share more information than is necessary. Examples of over-communication include:

Telling your partner about the details of your day, even if they don’t ask for them or even want to know. You might think that it’s vital for them to know what you’re doing or feeling at all times, but chances are that this type of sharing can come across as overwhelming and annoying.

Constantly checking in with each other when one or both people are out on errands or running errands together. You may feel like checking in is a way of keeping connected while apart. Still, if it happens too often and makes your partner feel smothered by constant texts or calls from their phone, then they’ll start avoiding these kinds of interactions altogether. 

Over-Communication Can Be Good

While it may seem like over-communication is always a bad thing, there are some instances where it can be beneficial. For example, if you’re working on a project together, then over-communication can be helpful in keeping both informed about what’s going on.

Over-communication can also be good when trying to resolve an argument or disagreement between partners. Rather than letting things fester until they reach boiling point again, which often happens, being able to communicate openly about whatever issue has arisen will help keep things calm and prevent future arguments from arising due to unresolved problems from previous ones.

Going Overboard With Communication 

Communication is important, but it’s possible to go overboard. There’s a difference between healthy communication and over-communication. While the former can strengthen your relationship and help you grow as individuals and even as a couple, the latter can have negative effects on your relationship.

Avoid over-communication and do not send too many messages nor ask too many questions. Don’t be too negative or positive, demanding or aggressive, and wanting to know everything. 

Over-Communication Might Be A Sign Of Codependency 

Over-communication can also be caused by codependence, a condition where two people rely on each other excessively without providing support for themselves individually. 

This means if one person uses another person as their sole source of happiness or comfort, then neither has any room left for growth and change outside of their existing dynamic together. This kind of codependence often leads to anxiety issues because neither person feels secure enough within themselves independently. 

Therefore when something goes wrong between them, even if it’s just something small like forgetting birthdays, it becomes cause for major distress instead of just minor annoyance. This sort of anxiety may manifest itself in over-communicating via text messages and phone calls. 

In Conclusion

Over-communication may be a sign of an unhealthy relationship if it leads to conflict or hurt feelings. If you find yourself arguing with your partner about every little thing because they want more attention from you than is reasonable, then this could be an indication that there are bigger problems at play in your relationship.